A group of African migrants enroute to the U.S. arrive at a customs office on the border between Costa Rica and Panama in Paso Canoas, Costa Rica April 7, 2017.

Illegal Immigration to the U.S. is a $35 Billion Business

Paso Canoas, COSTA RICA - In this shabby town on the border with Panama, members of organized criminal gangs lurk in the shadows, waiting...
A black-and-white photo of Carter Woodson, taken in the first half of the twentieth century. Woodson recognized that the only way for blacks to claim equality is for their history to be manufactured to create the illusion of technical and creative equality with whites.

Black History Month Celebrates the Made-Up History of Blacks

Washington, DC - We're more than halfway through Black History Month and the opening of Marvel's black-centric movie "Black Panther" probably is probably more...
A typical slum in the outskirts of Accra, the capital of Ghana. This scene greets new arrivals from the U.S. who come to Africa in search of a black utopia.

Blacks Moving Back to Africa Find It’s Not the Land of Grape Soda

Accra, GHANA - Every year, thousands of blacks, fed up with what they perceive as rampant racism in the United States and being treated...
A forensic team picks up a knife used as a murder weapon. In 2016, according to the FBI, knives killed 4 times as many people as rifles.

If We’re Going to Ban Guns, Then Let’s Ban Knives as Well

Washington, DC - As tragic as the high school shooting in Florida is, this is not the time for another mass shooting to be...
A Mexican remitting money through a remittance service in the Bronx, New York City, New York.

The U.S. Loses $138 Billion to Immigrants Every Year

New York, NY - The Democrats would have us believe that we need immigrants to build this country, but the actual impact of immigrants...
Gillen Washington, was repeatedly denied care by Aetna without his medical records being reviewed by a doctor. He suffers from a rare immune disorder and finally had to be hospitalized when his lung collapsed.

Whites Routinely Denied Medical Treatment by Insurance Giant Aetna

San Francisco, CA - California's insurance commissioner has launched an investigation into insurance giant Aetna after learning from a former medical director for the insurer,...
President Donald Trump has a comprehensive fix for immigration, if only the Democrats would let him.

Trump’s Triumphant Immigration Plan Will Work if Democrats Will Let It

Washington, DC - President Donald Trump has done something that's eluded the Republican Party for almost a decade  - he's outlined the possibility of...
A mug shot of illegal alien Salvador Gomez-Lopez shows him clearly drunk. Gomez-Lopez attacked an unarmed white man who tried to stop him from urinating at a public bus station.

Illegal Alien Stabs White Victim for Asking Him to Stop Urinating in Public

Washington, DC – A white man was slashed and stabbed by an illegal alien after he told the illegal alien to stop urinating in...
A black woman with the flu sneezes into a wad of tissue paper. Blacks refuse to get the flu shot which has resulted in the virulent spread of this season's flu virus.

Blacks Are Spreading the Flu that’s Killing Thousands of Americans

San Francisco, CA - If you're down with the flu, then the bad news is that it might be like 1918 all over again....
Kyle King at the Burger King on Tremont Street, Boston. For many blacks, a job in fast food is as good as it gets.

85% of Blacks Against Immigration for Fear of Losing Privileged Status

Washington, DC - A new Harvard-Harris poll shows that 85 percent of black Americans want a reduction in immigration levels to 1 million or lower and the...


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