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An artist's impression of prehistoric humans in Europe defending their cave. There is a growing body of evidence that humanity originated from Europe, especially given the sophistication and advancement of the human species in Europe as opposed to Africa.

Ancient Human Footprints Suggest Britain May be Cradle of Humanity

San Francisco, CA - The oldest human footprints dated between 850,000 and 950,000 years old, have been discovered on the storm-lashed beach at Happisburgh in...
White Norwegian women on a boat - they're not only beautiful, but they're smart as well.

Trump Wants Immigrants From Norway – Here’s Why

San Francisco, CA - It's no big secret that President Donald Trump prefers immigrants from Norway instead of what he termed "shithole countries." But...
A black person's mobile Facebook newsfeed. If you're black, chances are your Facebook newsfeed is fueled by fast food.

Facebook Patent Shows Blacks Targeted for Payday Loan & Fastfood Ads

San Francisco, CA - Facebook already knows a lot about us, including our race, but it could soon be able to use your race to...

Remains of Gorgeous Bronze Age Man Discovered & He’s White

San Francisco, CA - British scientists have discovered a collection of bones found in a field in Northumberland belong to what they have described as...
Prehistoric tools found in India resemble tools found in ancient prehistoric fossil sites in Europe and are of the same style and method of making, but are far older, at 394,000 years old, suggesting that either the humans originated in India or that early humans originated and traveled out of Europe instead of Africa.

Ancient Stone Tools Discovered in India Hint at European Origin of Species

San Francisco, CA - Just a week after scientists reported evidence that our species originated from Europe and not Africa and may have traveled...

Oldest Human Remains Confirm Humans Evolved from Europe Not Africa

San Francisco, CA - For decades, scientists, including respected institutions like the Smithsonian have argued that humans, specifically homo sapiens evolved out of Africa, to...
An early white European settlement. White early humans were far more advanced than their African counterparts, being the first to establish permanent settlements and agriculture, over 12,000 years ago.

Early White Humans Had Advanced Communication & Trade

San Francisco, CA - One of the things which has baffled archaeologists, historians and evolutionary theorists for centuries is why Western civilization, specifically white...
Native populations had a tendency to wash in the same river where they would defecate, leaving a noxious and highly toxic mixture of human sewage mixing with their water supply.

Diseases Killed Natives but Spared Whites Because of Better Genes

San Francisco, CA - In the decades after Hernán Cortés, the Spanish explorer, landed in Mexico, one of the worst epidemics in human history...
Twitter carefully curates what you see on its service using complex computer algorithms to effectively censor conservative views.

Twitter Controls How You Think & Sells Your Personal Data for Money

 San Francisco, CA - If you're on Twitter - the online news and social networking service - and you were wondering why your Twitter...
Lena and Rosie Pula are traditional midwives from Utopia, Northern Territory, Australia. The Pulas both manifest the physical characteristics associated with their Neanderthal ancestors, small eyes, arching brow and sloped-back forehead as well as broad flat based nose.

Black Aborigines Descended from Neanderthals Not Humans

San Francisco, CA - There is shocking new evidence which suggests that the scientific proof which is required for constituting "intelligent" or "sentient" life...


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