A screengrab from the movie "12 Years A Slave". White liberals are evolving and developing a new form of slavery that will keep blacks in shackles for eternity.

White Liberals Are Helping to Keep Blacks in Slavery

Washington, DC - By now you may or may not have seen the excellent video produced by Ami Horowitz asking white liberals whether or...
An obviously embarrased Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee avoiding a photo while on her mobile phone seated in First Class.

Democrat Sheila Jackson is Proof That White Privilege Doesn’t Exist

Washington, DC - It really shouldn't have been a big deal, but as is typical with the blacks, everything comes down to race. A woman...
Facebook claims that a Russian company spent $100,000 on ads on the website, a pittance compared to the $16 million Hilary Clinton spent on digital ads on the last week of her presidential campaign.

Is it time to boycott Facebook the way we boycotted the NFL?

Washington, DC - When news that Beverly Nelson forged Roy Moore's signature in her high school yearbook, admitting that she added the allegedly incriminating...

Trump’s Retweeted Muslim Videos Show Britain the True Face of Islam

London, UNITED KINGDOM - British Prime Minister (a position similar to the U.S. President but much worse) Theresa May has many problems, but the...
Robert Mueller the Special Counsel appointed to investigate allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is a political pawn of the Democrats, who fantasize of using his investigation to impeach President Donald Trump, but whose investigation will likely instead lead to the indictment of Hillary Clinton.

Robert Mueller’s Witch Hunt Will Not End Well for Never Trumpers

Washington, DC - George W. Bush, the worst president in modern American history who got the United States involved in not one, but two...
President Donald Trump had been right all along in claiming that he rejected the offer to be Time magazine's 'Person of the Year.'

President Donald Trump will Make Republicans Great Again

Washington, DC - A year after President Donald Trump became the Republicans' de facto leader, there is a growing view that the party has...
A painting of the First Thanksgiving and one of the more accurate ones as a Pilgrim offers their food to a Native American.

Thanksgiving is Not a Commemoration of White Guilt

Washington, DC - What really happened in 1621, at the first alleged "Thanksgiving feast" in what would later become America? If you were taught the...

Why can’t black people stop stealing?

Washington, DC - Call it the 'curse of color' or the 'black man's burden', whatever you call it, blacks have somehow got it written...
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe looks on during a rally marking Zimbabwe's 32nd independence anniversary celebrations in Harare April 18, 2012. The embattled president is now making plans to leave the country following a military coup.

Zimbabwe – A Lesson on why Blacks Can’t Run their own Countries

Washington, DC - A lot has happened in the past few days in Zimbabwe, where the world's oldest head of state tries to remain in...
Professor Ekow N. Yankah writes for the New York Times an opinion piece where he pledges to teach his children to fear and hate white people.

Liberals Teaching Black Children to Fear & Hate White People

Washington, DC - The left-wing media have been quick to accuse President Donald Trump of his divisive politics which have fueled racial tensions and...


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